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Dr. Wilson Tay

Dr. Wilson Tay was appointed as Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Company on 5 February 2021. He specialises in anaesthesiology with 16 years of clinical experience, and is responsible for the overall strategic direction and development of the Group.

Dr. Wilson Tay was an associate consultant in SGH till 2013, a full consultant from May 2013 onwards. In late 2014, he left SGH for private practice, before subsequently setting up his own private practice in 2015 prior to joining Livingstone Health. He remained a visiting consultant at SGH Pain Management Centre and Department of Anaesthesiology of SGH till 2016.

He has extensive experience in managing and treating various chronic pain conditions such as neck/back pain, headache, abdominal/pelvic pain and cancer pain, and is experienced in using performing ultrasound to guide and perform various chronic pain interventions, avoiding the usage and exposure to X-rays (which is the traditional mode to perform those pain interventions. He has published a number of articles in peer reviewed medical journals and is frequently invited to speak at local and overseas conferences on pain-related topics.

Dr. Wilson Tay is also actively involved in teaching and conducting hands-on chronic pain intervention workshops locally and around the region.
He graduated from NUS in 2004 and was awarded Master of Medicine (Anaesthesiology) in 2009. After completing his specialist training in Singapore, he pursued and completed a multi-disciplinary chronic pain clinical fellowship programme at St Joseph Health Care London in London, Ontario, Canada in 2012.

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