About Livingstone Health

We are a Singapore-based multidisciplinary healthcare group specialising in Cardiology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Pain Management & Anaesthesiology, Aesthetics & Wellness, and Family Medicine.

The name “Livingstone” is derived from Lithops, a genus of succulent plants that are often known as living stones. Lithops have evolved to thrive under any condition, even in arid deserts and through the winter season. Both a stone and a plant, living stones symbolise Livingstone Health’s resilience, growth, and determination to be recognised as a trusted integrated healthcare provider for patients, as well as a centre of excellence of growth opportunities for medical professionals.

The Livingstone Health Emblem

The group of multicoloured stones represent our focus on multidisciplinary healthcare while the trunk of the tree and its branches signify our vast and established network that connects these multiple healthcare disciplines.

Together, the Livingstone tree symbolises life and growth – our conviction to positively impact people’s lives through excellent patient experience.

Holistic healthcare covering multiple disciplines is the core of Livingstone Health’s values. To make the most out of life, we believe that it is vital to provide well-balanced care to all patients, regardless of age.

Our team of passionate and experienced doctors will interact with each and every patient on a personal level and provide the highest standard of medical treatment.