3 Ways To Ease Back Into The Office After Months Of WFH

The pandemic has effectively turned the world upside down and everybody scrambled to adjust to a reality where the novel coronavirus and the safety precautionary measures are a norm. Now that the situation has settled down from months prior, businesses are slowly shifting their operations from a work-from-home arrangement back to their previous setup.

The transition from work-from-home to working in the office will be rather difficult. Working from home offers one the flexibility to do their tasks wherever and however is the most comfortable for them. Whether it’s working on the couch, in bed or in any position that’s comfortable, the options are endless in the comforts of one’s abode. Since such flexibility is sure to be stripped away once work returns back to the office, it’s important to prepare for the transition. Get to know 3 ways that you can do to prepare starting today.

Dedicate Time For Exercise Once More

Exercise plays a significant role in maintaining the wellness of your physical health. Staying at home for months is sure to make anyone significantly less active, which can result in a slight weakening of muscles. Pair that with non-ergonomic working conditions, and one is sure to notice a slew of orthopaedic issues sooner rather than later, which may require a consultation with an online doctor in Singapore

Therefore, dedicating time for exercise back into your schedule is necessary to prepare your body for the strains that accompany the return to the office. Even if you may not have the right equipment, you can always opt for calisthenics exercise to get your body moving.

Rectify Your Posture

As stated earlier, remote work allows employees to work wherever is most comfortable for them if they desire it. However, comfort doesn’t directly translate to maintaining proper posture most of the time. The lack of ergonomic furniture is simply not conducive to good posture, and may lead to the compression of the discs in one’s spine.

To prepare for the nearing transition back to office work, it’s best to start fixing your posture from now on. Placing your screen at eye level, resting your feet flat on the floor, and adjusting your chair to the optimal height is only a few of the many ways that you can rectify your posture.

Start Working at a Desk Setup Similar To The One In Your Office

There’s no better way to accustom yourself back into office life than emulating it well ahead of time while still working at home. In order to make this method effective, it’d be optimal to recreate your previous desk setup from the office as closely as possible and start working there up until management officially calls you back in.

For the people that have rarely worked on a typical desk since starting remote work, this may be a difficult thing to dive right into. As such, one way to do this is by steadily easing it into your workday one step at a time. Spend a couple of hours working on the desk on the first day, increase it by half an hour or an hour on the next, and continue the process until you’re used to it for a full workday.


Going back to an office setting is sure to bring in much-needed benefits, such as an increase in productivity, but it can also give rise to orthopaedic issues if you don’t prepare for the change. If you’ve noticed that you’ve been having orthopaedic problems recently, see a doctor online via the MyCLNQ app today. As the leading app for telehealth in Singapore, you can receive all your medical needs and have your queries answered all in one place. From booking a private ambulance to consulting a virtual doctor, you can get professional medical assistance anytime and anywhere.

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